Azula try an incredibly intelligent and you may cunning strategist

Azula try an incredibly intelligent and you may cunning strategist


Azula knew instantly you to definitely Aang wanted to trick the woman, telling Mai and you can Ty Lee to check out Appa’s actual path while you are she fought the newest Avatar.

She was also an extremely studious woman. Since teens, she is actually well-trained in her own country’s army history as she effectively recounted Flame Lord Sozin’s method inside the a vintage race. [13] She planned a pitfall for Iroh and Zuko, that was simply accidentally foiled from the head from the woman motorboat. [19] She instantly discerned the brand new Avatar’s propose to mislead the lady with a beneficial untrue trail. [20] She in addition to exhibited amazing attacking prowess in mastering brand new martial arts off their opposition, for instance the sweeping snap stop feature showed by Aang against the lady into the competition of the bore. She copied they in the form of a capturing flames stop throughout the girl battle with the brand new Kyoshi fighters tending to Appa, using one move to stop her battle with Suki. For the Kyoshi fighters ultimately seized, Azula, Ty Lee, and you can Mai made use of its robes, stealing the identities so you’re able to freely enter into Ba Sing Se together with Environment King’s palace, beginning this lady coup up against the Earth Queen. This coup try single-handedly orchestrated by her, successful Ba Sing Se with the Fire Nation. [6] [7] The whole day out-of Black Sunlight, she applied a pitfall getting Aang and his awesome members of the family using Dai Li representatives on Flames Lord’s throne area, making certain the eclipse go out was burned up. [8] She and demonstrated the capacity to feel thus very effective at lying effortlessly you to actually Toph cannot experience they no matter how blatant the sit are, appearing you to definitely Azula failed to end up being guilt to possess sleeping or of a lot regarding the girl most other tips. [8] She also showed an ability to understand although some body try telling the truth, stating only you to definitely she are a beneficial “anyone people”. [28]

Actually according to the outcomes of the lady mental disease, their wit and you may capability to strategize just weren’t totally missing, given that even with becoming excessively provoked of the Zuko’s taunts from fearing their super redirection, she however could built a solution to overwhelm the lady cousin by setting-out the lightning in the Katara rather, which been successful in the debilitating Zuko. A year later, she was able to make use of the consequences regarding chi blocking, which caused the girl looks joints being really flexible, so you can totally free herself from her restraints and you will off Zuko. Towards another event, she been able to help save Cluster Avatar out of a swarm from moth wasps that with a super baseball to draw her or him owed to the severe light.

Azula’s intelligence generated the girl most skilled inside manipulating people. She utilized it experience into the of many sufferers, plus the woman aunt Zuko, [7] the girl mommy Ursa, [13] Enough time Feng, [6] [7] the fresh Dai Li, [6] [7] Sokka, [8] and also their father to an extent.

Most other skills

Azula’s higher-level skills in the unarmed handle are demonstrated from time to time into the series. She easily stopped Zuko’s frantic knife episodes without the use of firebending, guiding their hands-off path. [19] After, she proceeded so you can disarm Suki and you may banged their out-of their base instead twisting. [22] She and additionally had specific experience with hidden artillery, once the she suggested into the using a beneficial shuriken blade during the eclipse. [8] The girl acrobatics and employ of an invisible shuriken blade have been appear to knowledge she found out-of Ty Lee and you may Mai, correspondingly. [15] Azula is really agile just like the she were able to run up walls and carry out mid-air twirls. She dodged Aang and you can Toph’s twisting periods with little energy playing with high jumps such as for example Ty Lee, sooner making Aang admit she are too fast to hit. [8] Their real energy was also ace as she you’ll would a planche, support the woman muscles in the a lateral reputation just by using her arms, with little efforts. [28] [29]